Reaction to job redeployment

May 22, 2013

Ian Paisley MP reaction to job loss at Gallaher plant Ballymena

Speaking after the announcement that 40 contract jobs at JTI are to be relocated, Ian Paisley said:

“I obviously regret the fact that 40 contractors at Gallahers are no longer employed by the company.

After discussions with JTI, it is clear that the jobs can no longer be retained at the factory for a number of factors and are being relocated to Poland.

This should serve as a stark warning to all those who remain intent on campaigning against this company that directly provides £60million to the local wage economy.

We still have around 1000 jobs secure at this site, but wreckless Government policies such as Plain Packaging which I have continuously fought against, will not serve to help local employment in Ballymena  nor will they achieve any health objectives. It is paramount that common sense prevails and people realise that ill-thought out policies will destroy livelihoods through job loss without serving to reduce levels of smoking.

This time it isn’t as bad as it could have been, but my heart does go out to the 40 who have been let go and I can only hope that they find employment elsewhere as quickly as possible.

We must all stand together moving forward in a bid to protect local jobs and not to damage them.”