Persecuted and Forgotten

October 16, 2015

Ian Paisley MP this week attended the launch of the ‘Persecuted and Forgotten’ report on the global persecution of Christians. It looks at the worldwide persecution and genocide of millions of Christians across the world.

The MP has called for the government to act following the release of this report.

“It is inherently wrong that our government continue to grant foreign aid to so many of the nations where these atrocities against the Christian faith are being carried out. Pakistan, one of the nations where such persecution is at its highest, is set to be gifted over £370 million in aid this year alone.”

Since the rise of ISIS and the brutal ‘convert or die’ regime they have conducted has come to the forefront of our media, there has been increasing pressure on our government to intervene. Whether that involves military intervention or not is of course the biggest debate going on at present. But we must explore other avenues such as re-assessing where our foreign aid is being directed if we are to defeat this wave of anti-Christian terror.”

In the audience was a Chaldean Priest Fr Bazi who had been imprisoned by ISIS. He was beaten with hammers, tortured, had his back broken but refused to beg for his life telling them he believed in an afterlife and therefore was not afraid. He said that fleeing Christians couldn’t even go to refugee camps because they faced persecution from the Muslim majority in the camps.

East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson added “It is important that our government, other governments and the UN put pressure on those countries which close their eyes to the persecution of Christians in their midst or in some cases sponsor it.”

Mr Paisley concluded “The right to practise religion freely across this world is at the heart of democracy and preventing one from doing so is a direct and absolute violation of one’s Human Rights. This government, the European Union and the United Nations must all step up their efforts to combat this horrendous persecution”

The DUP were the first party in the House of Commons to hold a debate on the persecution of Christians over five years ago.

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