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Ian Paisley MP receives letter of thanks from the Ministry of Defence Fire and Rescue Service for representing them during Public Service Pension Bill.

This week, Ian Paisley the MP for North Antrim received a letter of thanks from the MOD Fire and Rescue service for representing them relentlessly concerning the Public Service Pension Bill.

As it now stands, the Government have set the retirement age for regular police and fire officers at the age of 60, whilst the MOD police and fire officers is set at 65. Ian Paisley MP along with his colleagues in Westminster have campaigned vigorously against this anomaly which sees our defence forces having to work longer than those in regular posts.

Writing to Ian Paisley, the Defence Fire and Rescue Service said:

“Ian , thank you very much for speaking in the Commons on the 22nd April.

It gives me great pleasure to thank the Democratic Unionist Party and all in it for their assistance and support, it has been a great experience to engage with MP’s from all parties and to get such support from so many has been inspiring.”

Speaking after the debates in the House of Commons, Ian Paisley said:

“I was only too happy to represent the Defence Fire and Rescue services in Parliament. These men and woman carry out an invaluable job for our country and we all owe them an infinite amount of gratitude.

What the Government have decided is wrong. I cannot see how it is fair to distinguish Defence Police and Fire services from those in the regular forces. The jobs are based on the same principles of protecting our country and our citizens and I believe they all should be treated with equal respect and courtesy when setting the established retirement age.

We will continue in Parliament to campaign against this unjust anomaly.”