DUP MP Ian Paisley Comments on Cases Against McCausland and Donnelly

December 23, 2015

“Today I welcome the total vindication of Duncan McCausland and Terry Donnelly.”

“I welcome the long awaited news regarding these two prominent gentlemen. I believe the way this case was handled from the very start was an exercise in total mismanagement.

“The investigation appeared to have been brought forward on the strength of gossip and jealousy and had nothing to do with serious police work or the crucial factor of evidence.

“I was appalled to learn of the vast amount of money spent on this case in terms of surveillance powers used, undercover snoops prowling their homes and offices. In fact, I understand that the police and Secretary of State signed off over one million pounds of police money into this investigation that resulted in the arrests. Yet today the police and prosecution authorities have NOTHING to show for it.

“The potential and actual damage to reputations and personal hurt caused by the investigation are irreparable and frankly I hope the two gentlemen take the authorities to the cleaners for compensation.

“In the past I have witnessed too many overly eager police investigations based on gossip and a false hunches leading to deadlock and resulting in no prosecution. I have seen individuals and families’ lives ruined and I am appalled at how long and how much money such extravagant hunches by some zealous and jealous police officers cost the public.

“These two men deserve a full public apology by the authorities and I look forward to them receiving the same.

For the record I have known the two men for over twenty years both professionally and personally and am happy to stand by them in any case.

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